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April-June, 2004; Volume 17: Issue 2
Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex 2004; 17 (2)



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World No Tobacco Day

Original papers

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Tracheal pathology diagnosed by fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Experience in 111 cases
José Guadalupe García Olazarán, Ma. del Pilar Aguilar Ramírez, Alfredo Pérez Romo, Francisco Navarro Reynoso, Cicero Sabido, Raúl

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The Mantoux technique of a Mexican native population
Nancy Manuela Hernández Zarza, Leticia Sánchez Castillo, Romualdo Olvera Castillo, Andrea García Cruz

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Gender differences in the social support network among lung tuberculosis patients: Qualitative study in two communities of the state of Veracruz, Mexico
Claudia Romero Hernández

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Decubitus pressure ulcers in mechanically ventilated patients at the intensive and intermediate care units of the N ational Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER)
Lorena Bautista Paredes, Ma. Mónica Esparza Guerrero, Julia Ortega Angulo

Case Reports

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Anatomoclinical session of the INER, presented in July 23, 2003
María Eugenia Vázquez Manríquez, Alberto Alejandro Flores Ibarra, Roberto Sotelo Robledo, Lilia Elena León Munguía, José de Jesús López Luna

Interestings of communication

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Sixty years of thoracic surgery at the National Institute for Respiratory Diseases (INER)
José Morales Gómez

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From the magic forces to Roberto Koch:An epidemiologic point of view of TB
Laura Moreno Altamirano

Review article

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MHC: Genetic polymorphisms in autoimmunity
Falfán-Valencia, Ramcés

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Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) participation in pulmonary diseases
Martha Patricia Sierra Vargas, Alberto Martín Guzmán-Grenfell, Olivares-Corichi, Ivonne María, Yessica Dorin Torres Ramos, Juan José Hicks Gómez

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