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January-March, 2005; Volume 18: Issue 1
Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex 2005; 18 (1)


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The 70th Anniversary of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases
Cano Valle, Fernando

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News from the world of respiratory diseases

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Nothing withstands the corrosive action of hard work
Ruy Pérez Tamayo

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It is a formal pledge
Carlos Ibarra-Pérez

Original papers

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Effect of rhDnase on irreversible bronchial obstruction in severe adult asthma
Mario H. Vargas, Torre-Bouscoulet, Luis, Salas-Hernández, Jorge, María E.Y. Furuya

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Correlation between virtual bronchoscopy and fiberoptic bronchoscopy in non-neoplasic stenosis of the larger airways
Leticia Chay, José Luis Criales, Juan Peña, Rafael Páramo, Francisco Navarro, Raúl Cicero

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Two cases of pulmonary tuberculosis reactivation by infliximab: Problems and proposals
Manuel de Jesús Díaz Verduzco

Master´s Conference

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The binomial physiologic and pathophysiologic relationships between the lungs and the brain
Escobar Izquierdo, Alfonso

Case Reports

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Computerized axial tomography in the diagnosis of a right tracheal bronchus and patent ductus arteriosus in a patient with an asthma-like syndrome
Rosario del Carmen Vásquez Romero, Victoria Falcón-Solís, Alva-López, Luis Felipe, Sotelo-Robledo, Roberto, Margarita Salcedo-Chávez

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Incidental finding of a right paracardiac thymoma in a woman with a myocardial infarction
Luis-Efrén Santos-Martínez, Miguel-Alejandro Zúñiga-Vega, Alberto Aranda, Alejandro Quiroz, Aloha Meave, Alicia Castañón, Gerardo Rojas, Juan Verdejo


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Pulmonary cavity and rinitis-sinusitis
Francisco P. Navarro Reynoso, Francisco Rafael Páramo-Arroyo, Blanca Herrera, Carlos Ibarra-Pérez

Communication of interest

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Revista del Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias on line: Graphic and the “Ten most wanted” list

Review article

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Arthrodesis with intramedullary nailing in post-traumatic arthrosis of ankle and hindfootRetinoic acid and pulmonary function
Elías Parra-Hernández, Héctor Nava-Reyes, Pedro Zamudio-Cortés

[Full text - PDF]
Oxidative stress in asthma
Hicks-Gómez, Juan José, Martha Patricia Sierra-Vargas, Olivares-Corichi, Ivonne María, Torres-Ramos, Yessica Dorín, Alberto Martín Guzmán-Grenfell

>Journals >Revista del Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias >Year 2005

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