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June-, 2016; Volume 20: Issue 06
MediSan 2016; 20 (06)


Original Articles

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Effectiveness of auriculotherapy in patients with acute low back pain
Albear de la Torre, Dagmaris, Cedeño Rodríguez, Enriqueta, Fajardo Cardero, Selenys, Riveaux Verdecia, Raúl

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical epidemiological characteristic of people from Timor with pterygium assisted in "Guido Valadares" National Hospital
Vila Mustelier, Miriam, Silva Ferrera, Jorge, Santana López, Sandra, García Espinosa, Sarah María, Freyre Luque, Rasife

[Full text - PDF]
Effectiveness of the magnetotherapy in Ecuadorian patients with shoulder impingement syndrome
Rodríguez Pino, Ariel, Ortiz Vázquez, Daily, González Gámez, Soini, Álvarez-Guerra González, Elizabeth

[Full text - PDF]
First aids extracurricular course to medicine students for rescuing learning
Pelegrino Callis, Georgia Lucila, Duconger Castellano, Rosa Delia, Peña Macías, Sergio, del Toro Basulto, César

[Full text - PDF]
Main risk factors related to the orthodontics treatment cessation for school children, adolescents and young adults
León Quintela, Ayvanka, Duque de Estrada Bertot, María Luisa, Rodríguez Rey, Humberto Manuel, Alberty Loforte, Karen

[Full text - PDF]
Ozone therapy and magnetotherapy in patients with herniated disk
Herrera Santos, Mayda Bárbara, Valenzuela Fonseca, Leydis, Álvarez Cortés, Julia Tamara

[Full text - PDF]
Hospitalization of patients with antibiotic therapy due to postoperative infections
Rodríguez Fernández, Zenén, Fernández López, Olga, Romero García, Lázaro Ibrahim

[Full text - PDF]
Prisoners' training as health promoters for the prevention of syphilis infection in a penitentiary center
Valiente Hernández, Yamila, Hernández Moya, Mavis, Sánchez Poulot, Mileydis

Clinical Cases

[Full text - PDF]
Crossed renal ectopia in an adolescent
Alcalde Rojas, José Miguel, Galarza Viera, Elio Gonzalo, Méndez Brito, Mariela

[Full text - PDF]
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in a patient with AIDS
Puente Saní, Ventura, Oropesa Roblejo, Pedro, Caballero Artiles, Rafael Angel

[Full text - PDF]
Postraumatic diaphragmatic herniation in an elderly
Jay Bayeux, Juan Denys, Martínez Artiles, Nival Shaid, Ridal González, José

Review Article

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Techniques to control the anesthetic depth levels
Salgado Castillo, Antonio, Montoya Pedrón, Arquímedes

Biomedical Communication

[Full text - PDF]
The process of scientific and investigative training in students of the dentistry career: a sight from the Venezuelan context
Espinoza Troconi, María Auxiliadora, Cintra Lugones, Angel Luis, Pérez Martínez, Lizette de la Concepción, León Robaina, Rosario


[Full text - PDF]
Diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease: current pathophysiological aspects of their relationship
Fajardo Puig, Martha Elena, Rodríguez Reyes, Oscar, Hernández Cunill, Margarita, Mora Pacheco, Natacha


[Full text - PDF]
Teaching didactic management of foreign languages: challenges and projections in higher education
Rey Rivas, Pura de la Caridad, Tardo Fernández, Yaritza, Maymir Pacheco, Rubén, Méndez Castelnau, Yolaisy

[Full text - PDF]
Learning software for dental trauma in the Master´s degree of estomatological emergencies
Calas Balbuena, Carlos Rafael, Poll Samalea, Licet, Poll Samalea, Leonor, Calas Balbuena, Raúl Mario, Calas Fernández, Raúl Mario

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