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July-September, 2014; Volume 15: Issue 3
Rev Hematol Mex 2014; 15 (3)



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Iron deficiency
Ruiz-Delgado, Guillermo J

Original articles

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Autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation in acute myelogenous leukemia
Gutiérrez-Aguirre, César Homero, Xitlaly J González-Leal, Francisca del Carmen Herrera-Pérez, Betsie C Zacarías-Reyes, Miguel Ángel Herrera-Rojas, Gómez-Almaguer, David

[Full text - PDF]
Intravenous delivery of iron dextran: 23 years-experience in a single institution
Alvarado-Ibarra, Martha, Manuel López-Hernández, Álvarez-Vera, José Luis, Santa M Ortiz-Zepeda, Fernando Palomo-Farías

Review article

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B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia: A personalized view of the clinical and molecular aspects
Valdespino-Gómez, Víctor Manuel

[Full text - PDF]
How is hematology involved in the era of aerospace medicine?: Systemic and hematological changes in the astronaut
Alejandro Schcolnik-Cabrera, Nancy Labastida-Mercado

Clinical cases

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Atypical low back pain by a solitary plasmacytoma presenting simultaneously with a psoas abscess: two different entities in a same location. A report of the first case
Juan Miguel Alemán-Iñiguez, Pedro José Alemán-Iñiguez, Franklin Mora-Bravo

[Full text - PDF]
Low-dose carfilzomib induced a dramatic response of the symptoms and paraproteinemia in a heavily pre-treated multiple myeloma patient refractory to lenalidomide-bortezomib-dexametasone
Ruiz-Delgado, Guillermo J, Vallejo- Villalobos, María Fernanda, Samantha Galindo-Becerra, Ruiz-Argüelles, Guillermo J

Opinion article

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Clinical differences in immune thrombocytopenia in children and adults: possible pathogenic explanation
Ron-Guerrero, Carlos S

Special Article

[Full text - PDF]
The best of the 19th European Congress of Hematology 2014 (Highlights)
Villela, Luis, Jessica Herrera-Gamboa, Oscar Fajardo-Ramírez, Hernández-Hernández, José A

Letter to the editor

[Full text - PDF]
Carta al Editor
Cecilia Guillermo, Mariana Stevenazzi, Lilian Díaz

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