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January-March, 1999; Volume 30: Issue 1
Vet Mex 1999; 30 (1)


Original research articles

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Blue Eye Disease virus inoculation in Mexican Hairless boars
Humberto Ramírez Mendoza, Roberto Martínez Gamba, Oscar Trinidad Vizuet Arriaga, Juan Monrroy Basilio

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Clinical and pathological characterization of three isolates of infectious bursal disease virus obtained from commercial broiler flocks in Mexico
Alejandro Banda Castro, Juan Carlos Valladares de la Cruz, Jaime Alonso Navarro Hernández

[Full text - PDF]
Plasma progesterone concentrations and embryo yield in superovulated cows under tropical conditions in the state of Yucatan in Mexico
Jesús Ricardo Ake López, Militza Eugenia Alfaro Gamboa, Ana María Aguayo Arceo, Lubos Holy

[Full text - PDF]
Estrous behaviour, LH concentrations and luteal function in seasonally anestrous goats exposed to herdmates in estrous
Lorenzo Álvarez Ramírez, Andrés E Ducoing Watty, Luis A Zarco Quintero, Abel M Trujillo García

[Full text - PDF]
Chemical and sensory evaluation of "chorizo" Pamplona type from Mexican Hairless pigs and commercial pigs
Lissette Pérez Casas, María de la Salud Rubio Lozano, Danilo Méndez Medina, Jessica Feldman Katz, Francisca Aida Iturbe Chiñas

[Full text - PDF]
Chemical and sensory evaluation of "Morcon" of Mexican Hairless and commercial pigs
Lissette Beatriz Pérez Casas, María de la Salud Rubio Lozano, Danilo Méndez Median, Jessica Feldman Katz, Francisca Aida Iturbe Chiñas

[Full text - PDF]
Effect of type of fat and sodium Pyrophosphate on the chemical and sensory characteristics of lamb sausages
Jessica Feldman Katz, María de la Salud Rubio Lozano, Danilo Méndez Medina, Lissette Beatriz Pérez Casas, Francisca Iturbe Chiñas

[Full text - PDF]
Maximum profit for Holstein sire selection in Mexico
Hugo H Montaldo, Jeffrey F Keown, L Dale van Vleck, Curt P van Tassell

[Full text - PDF]
Zeranol effect over chinchilla's (Eryomis laniger) fur maturation
Ignacio Albano Badillo Briones, René Fernández Román, Raúl Ulloa Arvizu

Review papers

[Full text - PDF]
Canine food hypersensivity
Eduardo Córdova Moreno, Francisco J Trigo Tavera

[Full text - PDF]
Toxic plants for cattle registered in the state of Veracruz, Mexico
Sergio Avendaño Reyes, José Salvador Flores Gudiño

Short communications

[Full text - PDF]
Function of the corpus luteum developed from the ovulation of a persistent dominant follicle in Holstein heifers treated with a controlled internal drug release-bovine device (CIDR-B) in absence of corpus luteum
Sara Lugo León, Joel Hernández Cerón, Luis López León

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison of productive performance in broilers using ventilation by positive pressure during seven weeks in houses with a natural environment
Daniel Marrufo Villa, José A Quintana L, Ma Pilar Castañeda S

[Full text - PDF]
Leptospirosis seroprevalence in stray dogs from northern Mexico City
Alejandro Rivera Flores, Alejandro de la Peña Moctezuma, María de los Angeles Roa Riol, María Luisa Ordoñez Badillo

[Full text - PDF]
Fasciola hepatica metacercarie collection in Lymnaea cubensis, and parasite-host-relation in Winstar rats and Balb/c mice
Ervelio Olazabal Manso, Alcides Morales Monteagudo, Héctor Serrano Pérez, Elio Brito Alberto

[Full text - PDF]
Paraosteal (juxtacortical) osteosarcoma. Report of clinical-pathological case in a dog
Alejandro Sánchez Pacheco A, Ignacio Carlos Rangel Rodríguez, Enrique M Aburto Martínez, Melina Martínez Flores, Jazmín Paniagua García, N Fernando Miranda Monroy

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