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January-March, 2000; Volume 31: Issue 1
Vet Mex 2000; 31 (1)


Original research articles

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Evaluation of antibiotics as growth promoters in broiler diets with and without a restricted feeding program
Emilio Reyes Sánchez, Eduardo Morales Barrera, Ernesto Ávila González

[Full text - PDF]
Effect of crossbreeding with Suffolk and Rambouillet, sex and diet on the chemical composition of Pelibuey lamb meat
Ma. Guadalupe López Palacios, Ma. Salud Rubio Lozano, Sara E. Valdés Martínez

[Full text - PDF]
Milk production and lactation length in Alpine and Nubian goats (Capra hircus) imported to Venezuela
Luis Dickson Urdaneta, Glafiro Torres Hernández, Carlos M. Becerril Pérez, Omar García Betancourt

[Full text - PDF]
Immunoprophylaxis against Salmonella enteritidis infection by lymphokines in broiler chicks
Julio César Alfaro Camacho, Gary García Espinoza, Rosa Ana Wong González, Guillermo Téllez Isaías

[Full text - PDF]
Antigenic characterization of contagious ecthyma virus (orf) in Mexico, their relationships and interactions with bovine parapoxvirus samples
Sofía González Gallardo, Andrés Romero Rojas, Jorge L. Tortora Pérez, Eliseo M. Hernández Baumgarten

[Full text - PDF]
Study of babesiosis and anaplasmosis in relation to tick burdens in dairy calves in the eastern Bolivian lowlands
Hugo Ribera Cuéllar, Ana María Cuéllar, Gerardo Barba Chávez, Juan J. Carrique-Mas, Alan Walker

[Full text - PDF]
Evaluation of four vehicles to formulate an experimental fascioliscide
Froylán Ibarra Velarde, Natividad Montenegro Cristino, Jaime Flores Crespo, Alicia Hernández Campos, Rafael Castillo Bocanegra

[Full text - PDF]
Evaluation of rivanol test for diagnosis of brucellosis in goats
Diaz Aparicio, Efren, Laura Hernández Andrade, Virginia Ochoa Díaz, José María Blasco Martínez, Francisco Suárez Güemes

Review papers

[Full text - PDF]
Patterns of microbial interactions in the porcine respiratory complex
Gerardo Iglesias Sahagún, Margarita Trujano Castillo

Short communication

[Full text - PDF]
Ultrapasteurized non-fat milk as an extender for refrigerated donkey semen for the insemination of mares
Myriam Boeta, Luis Zarco Quintero

>Journals >Veterinaria México >Year 2000

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