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Ninguno-, 2009; Volume 47: Issue S1
Rev Med Inst Mex Seguro Soc 2009; 47 (S1)



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Investigation in Adolescence and Youth in the Mexican Institute of Social Security
Bertha L Nuño-Gutiérrez, Joel Fonseca-León


[Full text - PDF]
Adolescent Health
Unikel-Santoncini, Claudia

Risk Behaviors

[Full text - PDF]
Alcohol Risk Behavior and Quality of Life Among University Students
Hidalgo-Rasmussen, Carlos Alejandro, Hidalgo-San Martín, Alfredo, Bettylú Rasmussen-Cruz, Radhamés Hernández-Mejía, Santoyo-Telles, Felipe

[Full text - PDF]
Psychosocial Stories of Drug Abuse and Dependence Among Mexican Youth
Díaz-Negrete, David Bruno, Jorge Luis Arellanez-Hernández, Verónica Pérez-Islas, Fernando A Wagner

[Full text - PDF]
Association Between the Network and Social Influence on Tobacco Use by High School Students
María Guadalupe Ramírez-Ortiz, Ramírez-López, Guadalupe, José Ramiro Caballero-Hoyos

[Full text - PDF]
Adolescent Strategies by Gender to Quit Tobacco Smoking
Bertha L Nuño-Gutiérrez, Eduardo A Madrigal-de León

[Full text - PDF]
Personality and Risk for Suicide in Adolescent Students
Emilia Lucio-Gómez Maqueo, Quetzalcóatl Hernández-Cervantes

[Full text - PDF]
Intensionated Auto-Harm and Depressive Symptomatology in Adolescent Students
González-Forteza, Catalina, Lorena Romero-Basaldúa, Alberto Jiménez-Tapia

[Full text - PDF]
Between Cohesion and Rigidity; Family Structure of Two Generations of Women with Anorexia or Bulimia
Berenice López-Coutino, Bertha L Nuño-Gutiérrez

Psychosocial Development

[Full text - PDF]
Stages of Behavioral Change for Physical Activity and Overweight in Adolescents
María Guadalupe Ramírez-López, Mayra Lizbet Chávez-Navarro, Ana Cecilia Zúñiga-Barba

[Full text - PDF]
Risk Behavior Changes by Gender in a High School Cohort
Hidalgo-San Martín, Alfredo, Bettylú Rasmussen-Cruz, Eduardo Madrigal-de León, Bertha L Nuño-Gutiérrez, Carlos Hidalgo-Rasmussen

[Full text - PDF]
Perception of the Emotional Violence in Adolescent Students; Differences in Narration by Men and Women
José Mauricio Velásquez-Pulido, Bertha L Nuño-Gutiérrez

Social Isolation

[Full text - PDF]
Voices of Diversity: Youth Cultures in Guadalajara
Rogelio Marcial

[Full text - PDF]
Health Risks for Adolescents Living in Poor Urban Areas
Reyes-Morales, Hortensia, Patricia Tomé-Sandoval, Gómez-Dantés, Héctor, Torres-Arreola, Laura del Pilar, Gloria Galván-Flores, Amilcar Espinosa-Aguilar, Víctor Huizar-Hernández, Gonzalo Gutiérrez-Trujillo

[Full text - PDF]
Health and Nutrition in Tarahumara Adolescents
Joel Monárrez-Espino

[Full text - PDF]
Is it Possible to Supress Child Agriculture Labor in Zamora?
J Luis Seefoó-Luján

[Full text - PDF]
Knowledge on HIV/AIDS in Young People from Farming Workers of Imigrated Native Families
Caballero-Hoyos, Ramiro, Alicia Getzabel Pineda-Lucatero, José Horacio Barraza-Salas, José Justo Romero-Paredes, Alberto Villaseñor-Sierra

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