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January-March, 2009; Volume 11: Issue 1
Arch Med Fam 2009; 11 (1)


Editorial article

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Depression in University Students
Osornio-Castillo L, Palomino-Garibay L

Original articles

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Effects of a Program of Physical Exercise on Quality of Life in the Menopausal Woman
Saucedo Rodrigo P, Abellán Alemán J, Gómez Jara P, Leal Hernández M, Ortega Toro E, Colado Sánchez JC, Sainz de Baranda Andujar P

[Full text - PDF]
Depression, Family Dynamics, and Academic Performance in Medical Students
Osornio-Castillo L, García-Monroy L, Méndez-Cruz AR, Garcés-Dorantes LR

[Full text - PDF]
Teaching in the Evidence based Medicine (EBM): Strategies and Evaluation Tools
Sánchez López MC, Sánchez Sánchez JA, Aguinaga Ontoso E, Madrigal Torres M, Menárguez Puche JF

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
The English Language and Family Medicine: Expressions of a Current Dilemma
Bustos Saldaña R, Irigoyen Coria, A

Special Articles

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Program to Introduce and Develop Minor Surgery at a Primary-care Center in Spain
Menárguez Puche JF, Alcántara Muñoz PA

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