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January-March, 2011; Volume 13: Issue 1
Arch Med Fam 2011; 13 (1)


Editorial articles

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Expectations for and Achievements in Family Medicine Research in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Soler Huerta E

[Full text - PDF]
Criteria of Excellence for Training in Family Medicine in Latin America
García Manrique JG, Irigoyen Coria, AE

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
Comparative Study on the Impact of a workshop on Diabetic Foot Care in a Family Medicine Unit of Xalapa, Mexico
Rivera Martínez ME, Gil Alfaro I, Chincoya Serna HM, López Lozada L

[Full text - PDF]
Foot Care in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Family Medicine Unit in Xalapa, Mexico
Chincoya Serna HM, Gil Alfaro I, Alvarado Pérez A, Cerdán Galán M, Jiménez Paniagua RM

[Full text - PDF]
Characteristics of Children of Pregnant Women Who Were Inadvertently Applied Double Viral Vaccine in Xalapa, Mexico
Espinosa Peralta C, Gil Alfaro I

[Full text - PDF]
Adoption of Healthy Behaviors in a Prospective Cohort of Sons and Daughters of a Group of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Gil Alfaro I, Contreras, Carlos M, Pérez Hernández C, Bustos Valdés MM, Arenas Ana R, Galindo Mota CE

Special Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Individualized Education Plan for Family Medicine Residents: The Experience of the Teaching Unit of Murcia, Spain (Part One)
Saura Llamas J, Martínez Pastor A, Gómez Portela J, Rubio Gil E, Monzó Núñez E, Romero Sánchez E

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