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September-Diciembre, 2005; Volume 7: Issue 3
Arch Med Fam 2005; 7 (3)


Original articles

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Educational Intervention in Haitians Patient with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome: The Role of the Family Physician
Ciria-Martín A, Otero-Ferras J, Sardiñas-Aguirre S

[Full text - PDF]
Family and the Suicide Attempt in the High School-Aged Adolescent
Valadez-Figueroa, I, Amezcua-Fernández R, Quintanilla-Montoya R, González-Gallegos N

[Full text - PDF]
Effectiveness of Short Treatment Amoxicillin and Ampicillin in Pregnant Women with Asymptomatic Bacteriuria
Serrano-Santillán M, Bautista-Samperio L, Arrieta-Pérez T, Jaimes- Valenzuela A

[Full text - PDF]
Family Structure and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with High Blood Pressure
Huerta-Vargas D, Bautista-Samperio L, Irigoyen-Coria, A, Arrieta-Pérez R

[Full text - PDF]
Osteoarthritis Management in Family Practice and Orthopedia
De Pavía-Mota E, Larios-González MG, Briceño-Cortés G

Review Article

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Pharmacological Treatment of High Blood Pressure in Primary Care: Part Two
Ramírez–Villaseñor I

[Full text - PDF]
Challenges in Teaching of Undergraduate Family Medicine: The Case of Mexico
Trejo-Mejía J, Estrada-Salgado D, Peña-Balderas J, Garnica-García J, Angeles-Cruz R, Díaz-Reyes J, Salinas-Velasco R, Luis-Hernández R

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