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September-Diciembre, 2014; Volume 16: Issue 4
Arch Med Fam 2014; 16 (4)


Editorial article

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Digital Literacy: a Challenge for Teachers of Medical Specialties
Irigoyen-Coria, A, Landgrave Ibañez, S, Ponce Rosas, RE, Baillet Esquivel, LE, Jiménez Galván, I

Original article

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The Tutors of Family Medicine to the Changes on Specialized Training in Spain. Study Murcia
Saura-Llamas, J, Galcerá-Tomás, J, Botella-Martínez, C, Anza-Aguirrezabala, I, Navarro-Mateu, F

Review Articles

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Epidemiology of Chronic Pain
Bautista Sánchez, SG, Jímenez Santiago, A

[Full text - PDF]
The Social Suffering as a Public Health Problem
Herrera Bautista, MR, Rodríguez Rodríguez, G

[Full text - PDF]
The Contribution of Cannabinoids to Pain Treatment
Godínez Cubillo, N, Ramírez Bermejo, A

Special Articles

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Reflections about Online Education: the case of Family Medicine Residents in Mexic
Ponce Rosas, RE, Jiménez Galván, I, Landgrave Ibañez, S, Baillet Esquivel, LE, Irigoyen-Coria, A, García-Pedroza, F

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