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March-April, 2015; Volume 36: Issue 2
Acta Pediatr Mex 2015; 36 (2)



[Full text - PDF]
The importance of vaccination and immunoglobulin treatment for patients with primary immunodeficiency diseases
Shereen M Reda, Andrew J Cant

[Full text - PDF]
Model for the study and care of child abuse in the National Institute of Pediatrics: focus on human rights, ecological and interdisciplinary approach
Corina A García Piña

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
Child abuse topic in undergraduate and postgraduate medical curriculum in Mexico
José Gabriel Pérez-Rendón, Lizbeth Flores-Pérez, Corina García-Pina, Loredo-Abdalá, Arturo, Jorge Trejo-Hernández, Arminda Casimiro-Victoria

[Full text - PDF]
Shaken Baby Syndrome: Clinical features and outcome of 17 cases at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría
Loredo-Abdalá, Arturo, Casas-Muñoz, Abigail, Jorge Trejo-Hernández, Isabel Melquiades-Parra, Verónica Martín-Martín

[Full text - PDF]
Weight and height in mexican children with retinoblastoma
Ridaura-Sanz, Cecilia, Murata, Chiharu, Fátima Ysusi-Mendoza, Leal-Leal, Carlos

[Full text - PDF]
Prolonged survival in Casamassima Morton Nance Syndrome. Case report and review of the literature
Nidia Huerta-Uribe, Camilo Villarroel-Cortés

[Full text - PDF]
Palliative Management of oral manifestations in a terminal pediatric patient with Leukemia. Clinical case report
Lorena Guadalupe Rivera-Flores, Eduardo de la Teja-Ángeles, Luis Américo Durán-Gutiérrez

[Full text - PDF]
Preschool child with Prader- Willi Syndrome and pulmonary thromboembolism
Miriam Padrón-Martínez, Partida-Gaytán, Armando, Ridaura-Sanz, Cecilia

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
Childhood chronic recurrent bacterial sialadenitis. Clinical characterization
Carlos Ávila-Sánchez, Jorge Téllez-Rodríguez, Rubí López-Fernández

Pediatric criteria

[Full text - PDF]
Lymphadenitis due to Bacillus Calmette- Guerin vaccination
Reyes-Cadena, Armando

[Full text - PDF]
Recommendations for successful breastfeeding
María Elena Ortega-Ramírez

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