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October-, 2006; Volume 74: Issue 10
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2006; 74 (10)


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Carlos Fernández del Castillo

Original Articles

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Normal reference values of the pulsatility index from the uterine and umbilical arteries during pregnancy
Néstor Medina Castro, Horacio Figueroa Diesel, Mario Guzmán Huerta, Edgar Hernández Andrade

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Her2-Neu expression in ductal adenocarcinomas of the breast gland: correlation with histopathological parameters and estrogen receptors’ expression in Mexican patients
Patrick Brück, Natalia Vilches Cisneros, Elizabeth Ramos López, Oralia Barboza Quintana, Jesús Áncer Rodríguez, Juan Pablo Flores Gutiérrez

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Medical attitude regarding the negative of receiving blood transfusions by Jehovah's Witness patients
Tena Tamayo, Carlos, Jorge M. Sánchez González, Campos Castolo, Esther Mahuina

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Prevalence of postmenopausal simple ovarian cyst diagnosed by ultrasound
Jesús E. Luján Irastorza, Imelda Hernández Marín, Gudelia Figueroa Preciado, Aquiles R. Ayala

Review Article

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Obstetric behavior based on evidences. Mild preeclampsia: expectant management, inpatient or outpatient?
Carlos Briceño Pérez, Liliana Briceño Sanabria

Clinical Case

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Prenatal diagnosis of pentalogy of Cantrell associated to bilateral cleft lip. A case report
Flavio Hernández Castro, Raúl Cortés Flores, Mauro Alberto Ochoa Torres, Ricardo J. Hernández Herrera, Sergio Luna García

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Letter to the editor
Juan Ramiro Ruiz Durá

55 Years Ago

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Tube-ovarian disorders determining sterility or infertility
Alfonso Álvarez Bravo

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