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June-, 2010; Volume 78: Issue 06
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2010; 78 (06)


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Jorge Delgado Urdapilleta

Original Articles

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Pregnancy and tetralogy of Fallot with and without surgical correction
Torres-Gómez, Luis Guillermo, Carmen Armida Íñigo-Riesgo, María Angélica Espinoza-Ortegón, Ana María Barba-Bustos, Bertha Marín-Solís, Juan Rafael Gómez-Vargas

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Difference between perinatal mortality in multiple pregnancies obtained spontaneously versus assisted reproduction
Yazmín del Rayo Rivas-Ortiz, Ricardo Jorge Hernández-Herrera

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Monthly ibandronate attachment to Mexican and Chilean women with osteoporosis, with or without a biofeedback strategy
Pedro García-Hernández, Carranza-Lira, Sebastián, Eduardo Motta-Martínez

55 Years Ago

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Hydrogen peroxide treatment for vaginal trichomoniasis
Mario González Ramos


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Clinical practice guidelines. Diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia-eclampsia
María Teresa Leis-Marquez, Rodríguez-Bosch, Mario Roberto, Maynor Alfonso García-López

>Journals >Ginecología y Obstetricia de México >Year 2010

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