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January-, 2016; Volume 84: Issue 01
Ginecol Obstet Mex 2016; 84 (01)



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Physicians conferences: a viewpoint to consider
Serviere Zaragoza, Claudio

Original Articles

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Evaluation of semen parameters in long term cryopreserved samples for over 10 years
Kably-Ambe, A, Carballo-Mondragón, E, Roque-Sánchez, AM, Durán-Monterosas, L, Amaro-Hernández, EA

[Full text - PDF]
The effect of corifollitropin alfa on in vitro fertilization-ICSI patients with previous failure with an FSH/HMG protocol: Preliminary report in Mexico
Barroso-Villa, JG, Colín-Valenzuela, A, Valdespín-Fierro, C, Ávila-Lombardo, R, Estrada-Gutiérrez, G

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of infections (Chlamydia, Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma) in patients with altered tuboperitoneal factor
Hernández-Marín, I, Aragón-López, Cl, Aldama-González, PL, Jiménez-Huerta, J

[Full text - PDF]
Frequency and maternal complications of the criteria of hemolysis in preeclamptic patients with HELLP syndrome treated in an intensive care unit
Vázquez-Rodríguez, JG, Ríos-Gutiérrez, CD, Pa redes-Lozano, EP, García-Fiores, A

[Full text - PDF]
Analysis of factors associated with multiple pregnancies in assisted reproduction treatment complex
Hernández-Nieto, CA, Méndez-Lozano, DH, Fraustro-Ávila, ME, GarcíaMartínez, MR, Soto-Cossio, LE, Basurto-Díaz, D, Flores-Mendoza, H

Review Article

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What is the true role of surgery in the infertility associated with endometriosis?
Rodríguez-Purata, J, Cervantes, E, Luna, M, Sandler, B

Clinical Cases

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lntracranial meningioma in pregnancy. Case report and literature review
Reyes-Myrna, C, Torres-Hernández, CM, Herrera-Ortíz, A, Figueroa-Angel, V

[Full text - PDF]
Asynchronous twin births. Case report and obstetric management review
Magdaleno-Dans, F, López-Magallón, S, Sancha-Naranjo, M, De la Calle, M, Bartha, José L

[Full text - PDF]
Parasitic dermoid cyst of the omentum. Case presentation
Bernal-Martínez, S, Vaca-Carvajal, GJ, Arrazo la-González, JA

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