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September-October, 2015; Volume 29: Issue 5
Acta Ortop Mex 2015; 29 (5)



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You take one for me, i'll take one for you
Espinosa-Urrutia, E

Original Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Associated factors due to major bleeding in total hip replacement
Torres-Gómez, A, Mallen-Trejo, A

[Full text - PDF]
Joint surface resection with a minimally invasive dorsal approach for arthrodesis of the distal interphalangeal joint
Ayala-Gamboa, U, Domínguez-Chacón, ND

[Full text - PDF]
Extracorporeal shockwave terapy in sports and non-sports population. Preliminary results
Serviat-Hung, N, Carvajal-Veitía, W, Medina-Sánchez, M, Gutiérrez-Jorge, Y, Croas-Fernández, A

[Full text - PDF]
Bandi tibial tubercule osteotomy vs. artrhroscopy lavage in patelo femoral arthritis. 1 year follow-up
Barragán-Hervella, R, Montiel-Jarquín, A, Alvarado-Ortega, I, Corona-Juárez, E, Lima-Ramírez, P, Vázquez-Rodríguez, C, Romero-Figueroa, M, López-Cázares, G, Ramos-Hernández, V, Medina-Escobedo, C, Villatoro-Martínez, A, Salvatori-Rubí, J, Moyaho-Bernal, A

[Full text - PDF]
Concordance between preoperatory diagnosis and arthroscopy findings of meniscal lesions associated to anterior cruciate ligament injury
Montiel-Jarquín, A, Barragán-Hervella, R, López-Cázares, G, Lima-Ramírez, P, Lázaro-Michaca, G, Vallecillo-Velázquez, H, Sánchez-Durán, M, Medina-Escobedo, C, Villatoro-Martínez, A

Clinical Cases

[Full text - PDF]
Hip resurfacing after iliofemoral distraction for type IV developmental dysplasia of the hip a case report
Sambri, A, Cadossi, M, Mazzotti, A, Faldini, C, Giannini, S

[Full text - PDF]
Pelvic limb damage control following a complex foot injury. Case report
Velázquez-Vélez, D, Durán-Martínez, N, Peñafort-García, JA, Romero-Peña, A

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