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October-Diciembre, 2003; Volume 14: Issue 4
Rev Biomed 2003; 14 (4)


Original articles

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Comparison between sodium selenite and sodium tetrathionate broths, incubated at 37°C and 42°C for the isolation of Salmonella spp. from faeces of carriers
Javier J Flores-Abuxapqui, Miguel A Puc-Franco, Mario R Heredia-Navarrete, María de la L Vivas-Rosel, José Franco-Monsreal

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Serum evidence of Hantavirus infection in people from Yucatan Mexico
Ignacio Vado-Solís, Carlos Pérez-Osorio, Jorge Lara-Lara, Ruiz-Piña, Hugo A, María Cárdenas-Marrufo, Marie Louise Milazzo, Charles F Fulhorst, Jorge Zavala-Velázquez

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The study of self-explanatory materials like strategy to increase the execution in the integration of the clinical file
Saúl De Los Santos-Briones, Dulce Ma Cruz-Lavadores, Manuel de J Chávez-Chan

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Associated factors for retrovirus (HIV-1 and HTLV-I/II) infection and its prevalence among female sex workers from Campeche, Mexico
Renán A Góngora-Biachi, Orlando Sosa-Cantón, Norma Pavía-Ruz, Ligia Vera-Gamboa, Dora Lara-Perera

Brief Communication

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Prevalence of IgG antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii in Cuban blood donors
Ivonne Martín-Hernández, Susana M García-Izquierdo


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Biology and diagnostic methods of the hepatitis C virus
Ivonne Gómez-Cordero, Milagros Alvarez-García

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Gender, violence and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Yucatan, Mexico
Ligia Vera-Gamboa

Letter to the editor

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Los sueños como expresión de nuestros deseos
Jesús Quintanilla-Osorio

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