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Villazón DO, Cárdenas COA, Espinosa JA
Laparoscopy for the diagnosis and staging of malignant diseases
Cir Gen 2003; 25 (4)

Language: Español
References: 81
Page: 305-313
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Objective: To show the role of laparoscopy in the diagnosis and staging of malignant diseases.
Data collection: Review of the literature, 81 references.
Selection of studies: Analysis of all the articles related to the use of laparoscopy for diagnostic and staging purposes of abdominal malignant diseases, including its historical development, indications, techniques, algorithms, and sequences to follow in the most frequent cancers.
Data extraction: Synthesis of specific data of each type of cancer from the series with the largest cases and the advantages of performing an adequate diagnosis and staging, for the optimal management of these patients.
Results: The role of laparoscopy in malignant diseases had been limited to diagnostic purposes, but in the last years its use for staging has experienced a boom with good results. The use of peritoneal washing, biopsies, and translaparoscopic ultrasounds have improved the precision in the evaluation of malignant diseases and, in consequence, have been instrumental to avoid unnecessary laparoscopies, to reduce the surgical trauma, allowing even to perform palliative treatments through laparoscopy in the same surgical time. Optimal management of a cancer requires precise staging to insure an adequate therapy for the oncologic patient.
Conclusion: Laparoscopy should be used for the diagnosis and staging of malignant diseases, it has a significant impact in surgical therapeutics since its findings modify the staging and, as a consequence, determine the optimal management of oncologic patients.

Key words: laparoscopy, diagnosis, staging, malignant disease, neoplasms.


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