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Orea-Estudillo D, Jaimes-López L, Bernal-Cano J
Phyllodes tumor in a pediatric patient. Case report and literature revision
Cir Cir 2008; 76 (2)

Language: Español
References: 36
Page: 165-168
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Background: Phyllodes tumors have a frequency of 0.3-0.9% and are rare in young women. Their clinical presentation is unilateral and their behavior and management are unclear. We present a phyllodes tumor in an 11-year-old female and we reviewed the literature regarding this pathology.
Case report: We present the case of an 11-year-old female with a diagnosis of phyllodes tumor. Her disease began 4 months previously. We made an incision biopsy followed by a simple mastectomy. Histological report demonstrated benign phyllodes tumor. The patient is currently disease free after 1 year.
Conclusions: Small phyllodes tumors can be excised with a 1-cm surgical border, whereas larger phyllodes tumors are treated with simple mastectomy. Precise pathological evaluation is necessary to plan a better surgical approach and to determine recurrence possibility.

Key words: Phyllodes tumor, mastectomy.


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