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Barrera-Franco JL, Dolores-Velázquez R
Transoral and transmandibular approach for tumors of the anterior cervical column: case report and literature review
Cir Cir 2008; 76 (5)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 425-428
PDF: 112.06 Kb.

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Background: En bloc resection of tumors located in the anterior cervical column represents a challenge for the head and neck surgeon. This approach requires surgical skill and experience. Nevertheless, surgical techniques developed in addition to multidisciplinary teams, provide the opportunity to offer surgical treatment for tumors located at the base of the skull and in the anterior cervical column.
Clinical case: We present the case of a 62-year-old male with paraplegia of the upper and lower extremities associated with pain and the presence of a cervical tumor that involved C2-C3 vertebrae and surrounding soft tissue causing marrow compression. The patient underwent en bloc tumor resection using combined transoral and transmandibular approach with immediate reconstruction that included stabilization of the column using a bony graft from the iliac crest fixed by plates and screws. The final pathological diagnosis was chordoma. The patient then received radiation therapy and is currently asymptomatic without tumor activity. He presents excellent motor and sensorial function in the oral cavity and in all extremities.

Key words: Transoral exposure, transmandibular exposure, cervical chordoma, en bloc resection.


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