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Duarte-Gardea M, Muñoz G, Rodríguez-Saldaña J, Escorza- Domínguez AB
Prevalencia, detección y tratamiento de la diabetes gestacional
Rev Salud Publica Nutr 2004; 5 (1)

Language: Español
References: 50
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Gestational Diabetes (DMG) is the third clinical category in the current clasification of Diabetes and it represents a risk factor for women and a health problem for the baby. Diabetes Mellitus can be developed in two situations during pregnancy: 1) Women who already had Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus before pregnancy, and 2) Women with Diabetes during pregnancy. The most important mother complications include arterial hypertension during pregnancy, preclampsia, and eclampsia. In good conditions, the success in dealing with DMG depends on the ability, motivation, and patient's resources to reach the goals of glucemia control. Self-care plan of DMG includes nutritional and exercise plan, self-monitoring glucose, ketone test in urine and application programs of insulin in case of not reaching the goals with nopharmacological steps.

Key words: Diabetes Mellitus, gestational, prevalence, detection, treatment.


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