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Baena-Ocampo LC, Linares-González LM, Marín-Arriaga N
Hamartoma fibroso de la infancia. Informe de un caso
Cir Cir 2009; 77 (6)

Language: Español
References: 22
Page: 487-491
PDF: 184.69 Kb.

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Background: Fibrous hamartoma of infancy (FHI) is an infrequent benign proliferation of the soft tissues. Ninety one percent of cases occur during the first year of life. FHI is characterized as a subcutaneous lesion with characteristic morphology with a triphasic organoid growth pattern. Clinical case: We present the case of a 6-month-old breastfed male infant with a tumor in the medial plantar region of the left foot, which was completely withered. Histopathological study reported a fibrous hamartoma of infancy. Conclusions: Fibrous hamartoma of infancy most frequently affects males. It can be localized at any anatomic site, although 5-10% of cases affect the lower limbs. Few cases are reported in the foot. This is a lesion with a characteristic morphological pattern; however, in small biopsies, its differential diagnosis is important with other fibroadipose lesions for its adequate treatment. Ample surgical resection with lesion-free borders confers a good prognosis for these patients.

Key words: Fibrous hamartoma of infancy, pediatric soft tissue tumors, lipofibromatosis, hamartoma, fibrous tumors.


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