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Gallegos-Duarte M
Alteraciones neuroeléctricas en el estrabismo
Cir Cir 2010; 78 (3)

Language: Español
References: 19
Page: 215-220
PDF: 451.49 Kb.

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Background: Neurometry measures bioelectrical cerebral activity qualitatively and quantitatively and is obtained from digital cerebral mapping. This methodology allows determination of the efficiency of short and long association tracts contained in the white matter through coherence analysis. Our objective was to demonstrate neurometric alterations in the cerebral cortex of subjects with essential strabismus.
Methods: We carried out a cross-sectional, descriptive and observational study. There were 23 parameters analyzed of the electrical activity of the cerebral cortex. These parameters were obtained using neurometric analysis of 16 children with essential strabismus. Results were compared with international standards of NeuroGuide.
Results:Neurometric alterations were observed in all cases analyzed: inter-temporal hypocoherence, increase in slow waves, decrease in the frequency in temporal lobes, increase in symmetry in occipital lobes, and decline and asymmetry in the power of both frontal lobes.
Conclusions: Strabismal patients have alterations in cortico-cortical, cortico-subcortical and interhemispheric interconnection pathways. The study suggests that the presence of these alterations is due to functional changes in the white matter and that these changes may be related to the pathophysiogenesis of disease.

Key words: Strabismus, digital cerebral mapping, neurometry, white matter.


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