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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2010, Issue 6

Gracia AM
La obesidad como enfermedad, la obesidad como problema social
Gac Med Mex 2010; 146 (6)

Language: Español
References: 25
Page: 389-396
PDF: 95.42 Kb.

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This text is part of a broader line of study that aims to analyze how and why certain eating habits and bodily practices have become social problems, as is the case with fatness. We will show that the ideas that support the definition of obesity as a chronic and avoidable disease are leading experts and health authorities, and other social workers, to know and to think about its evolution in terms of “global” illness (epidemic) and to consider cultural factors as their main cause (obesogenic environment). Paradoxically, the international and national preventive measures taken are focused on changing individual behavior and, in particular, eating habits. The concepts about the regulation of excess weight and food provide interesting information about a particular understanding of lifestyles and culture and they take into account the current promotion of health patterns.

Key words: Obesity, Epidemic, Causality, Preventative strategy.


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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2010, Issue 6

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