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Toro G, Guillén TY, Bravo P, Sardiñas C
Comparative study between hemorrhoidectomy using harmonic scalpel and electrocautery hemorrhoidectomy
Enfermedades del Ano, Recto y Colon 2010; 16 (1-3)

Language: Español
References: 40
Page: 15-19
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Methods: We studied 30 patients with hemorrhoidal disease (grade II-IV) who assist to the Coloproctology Unit at the Caracas Universitary Hospital between March 2008 to August 2008. Patients were divided in two groups: Group A: Electric scalpel (EB), Group B: Harmonic scalpel (BA). Results: Statistic Significance was p ‹ 0.005. Cause of consultation was Rectoragy 52%; main hemorrhoidal disease: Thrombosis 37%; Main preoperative symptom: Ocassional bleeding 47%. 24 hours postoperative bleeding: p = 0.05 (EB: 53%, BA: 73%). 8th week occasional anal pruritus p = 0.05 (EB: 7%, BA: 20%). 8th week occasional secretion EB: 13%, BA: 33%). Pain was always higher in the Harmonic group until 2nd week (p = 0.05). Main cicatrization time was 22.9 days (EB) and 37.5 days (BA) (p = 00027). Upload to normal activities was at 18.3 days (EB) and 29.2 days (BA) p = 0.00026. Surgical time was 6.3 minutes (EB) and 2.9 minutes (BA) p = 0.0000000. Summary: Open Hemorrhoidectomy with the Electric scalpel is an easy to perform technique with improvements in terms of postoperative pain, bleeding, pruritus, fluid, cicatrization, upload to normal activities and quality of life.

Key words: Hemorrhoidectomy, Milligan-Morgan, electric scalpel, harmonic scalpel.


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