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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2011, Issue 6

Kuri-Morales PA
Impact of health transition on services demand
Gac Med Mex 2011; 147 (6)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 451-454
PDF: 63.41 Kb.

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Health transition is a process that determines the way a population dies and gets sick, there are several processes that contribute to the change in the health profile of a population that might be analyzed. The demographic transition, reflected in population aging and change of population structure; risk transition, which explains differential exposures to risk factors; technologic transition, as a major contributor to change in health and the epidemiologic transition that explains how the social, economic and demographic determinants impact the epidemiologic profile of a society. An analysis of the current health profile in Mexico is shown and its consequences on the health system and the need for change is discussed.

Key words: Epidemiologic transition, Health transition, Risk transition, Technologic transition.


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>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2011, Issue 6

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