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>Journals >Mediciego >Year 2013, Issue 2

Posada FPE, Retureta MME, Rodríguez VIM, Godoy MD, López GG
Methodological proposal to stratify the risk of dengue´s transmission in epidemics situations
Mediciego 2013; 19 (2)

Language: Español
References: 8
PDF: 218.97 Kb.

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A methodological proposal was carried out to stratify the risk of Dengue´s transmission in epidemics situations. The procedure considers five indicators: Aedes aegypti Infestation index, Frequency of positive blocks with Aedes aegypti, Febrile Incidence accumulated, Dengue´s Speed of transmission and the relative variability of Dengue´s speed of transmission in relation to two previous weeks, these indicators, according to its magnitude related to the standard for the properties of the normal curve, receive a punctuation between 1 and 5 of agreement and they are qualified as: “very Low magnitude” (1 point), “low magnitude” (2 points), “half magnitude” (3 points), “high magnitude” (4 points) and “very high magnitude” (5 points). The indicators are considered, according to the algorithm proposed for the calculation of the risk of transmission “A (b+c+d+e)” and in accordance with the final punctuation is obtained the risk scale to every stratum which is identified with the following categories: "Without transmission Risk” (0 points), “very low transmission Risk” (4 to 19 points), “low transmission Risk” (20 to 39 points), “half transmission risk” (40 to 59 points), “High transmission risk” (60 to 79 points) and “very High transmission risk” (80 to 100 points).

Key words: dengue/epidemiology, dengue/prevention and control, dengue/transmission.


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>Journals >Mediciego >Year 2013, Issue 2

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