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Baeza-Herrera C, García-Cabello LM , Nájera-Garduño HM, Ortiz-Zúñiga AI, Sánchez FLA
Tortion-Induced Testicular Necrosis in Children. The Perspective of a Secondary-Level Hospital.
Gac Med Mex 2003; 139 (4)

Language: Español
References: 31
Page: 347-352
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Introduction: The disaster of a testicular torsion leading to the possible loss of a gonad within a few hours is a well known occurrence and it is discouraging. Clinical examples emphasizing torsion of the testis as the most important differential diagnosis in children with acute scrotal pain and swelling, as well as the need for early exploration, have been reported with increasing frequency.
Material and methods: Seventy cases of clinically diagnosed unilateral torsion of the testis have been admitted to our pediatric surgical unit over a period of 8 years. There were 46 cases between l3 and 15 years of age; 34 were admitted after 24 hours and 25 after 3 days of mutilating disease. Left side was involved in 46 cases and 61 testicles were removed. Conclusions. In order to avoid initiation procedures, early diagnosis is very important.

Key words: Torsion, scrotal pain, children.


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