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Bravo-Lázaro S, Hernandis-Villalba J, Meroño-Carbajosa E, Navío-Perales J, Marzal-Felici V
Surgical adrenal approaches: Learned experiences
Cir Cir 2014; 82 (5)

Language: Español
References: 11
Page: 505-510
PDF: 386.01 Kb.

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Background: Laparoscopic surgery is the standard approach for surgical adrenal gland pathology. However, the open procedure still has its role.
Objective: Our intention is to report our results and experience using different techniques.
Material and methods: A retrospective study of 40 patients was carried out. Demographic and surgical data were analyzed.
Results: Thirty two patients had benign pathology and eight had malignant tumors. Laparotomy was performed in 18 patients: seven patients with malignant tumors and 11 with benign pathology. Young’s approach was indicated in four patients. Laparoscopic aproach was indicated in 25 patients with seven patients requiring conversion to laparotomy. The conversion rate was 28%.
Conclusions: In most cases, the laparoscopic approach is the standard technique. Appropriate case selection is of primary importance. Other surgical techniques should be considered if necessary.

Key words: Adrenalectomy, laparoscopy, endocrine surgical procedures.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2014, Issue 5

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