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Jaime R, Lagodín C, Dahbar M, Allevato M, Cabrera H, Devés A
Erithrodermias. Clinical pathologycal retrospective study of 45 cases
Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2005; 33 (4)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 159-165
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The main purpose of our study wasto describe the causes, the clinical pathological correlation and the evolution of erithrodermias of our files and to compare our data with other series. The planning of the study is retrospective, observable, descriptive and transversal. Forty-five clinical histories, with the diagnosis of erithrodermia were analyzed; 27 patients corresponde to the outside consultation and 18 were from our clinic, during period 1991-2002. The parameters studied were: age, sex, etiology, anatomia pathological changes anatomy, time of duration, previous antecedents of erithrodermia and final evolution. It was obtained a total of 45 clinical histories, corresponding 28 (62,2%) to males and 17 (37,8%) to females. The average age of presentation was of 53,8 years. The etiology of erithrodermias was classified, initially in 4 groups, corresponding 28 (62%) to previous dermatosis, 9 (20%) to drugs, 5 (11%) to neoplasias and 3 (7%) of unknown origin. From the 45 clinical histories reviewed, the result was concludent in only 21 cases, after a second biopsy in 7 patients, it was possible to reach the diagnosis of T-cell lymphoma in 3 patients (14%) increasing the initial number of 4 (19%) to 7 (33%). In our the age average of presentation was 53,8 years, being prevalent in men´sevie (62%). The more frequent cause was a previous dermatosis (62%) and within this group 68% belonged to psoriasis. The clinic-histopatological correlation was of 67% with the first biopsy, while the effectiveness diagnostic increased in 95% with a second biopsy. The final evolution was favorable in 58%, unfavorable in 18% and unknow in 24% of the cases.

Key words: erithrodermia, exfoliative dermatitis.


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