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Romero-Navarrete M, Vega-Memije ME, Arenas-Guzmán R, Castillo-Solana A
Eccrine poroma. A report of a pigmented case and a not-pigmented one
Dermatología Rev Mex 2016; 60 (1)

Language: Español
References: 27
Page: 45-50
PDF: 560.10 Kb.

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Eccrine poroma is a benign intraepidermal proliferation originated in the sudoral eccrine excretory duct (acrosyringium). It occurs in 10% of sweat gland tumors. Prevalence in Mexico is 0.23%. It affects mainly soles (60-68%), and it is a pink or reddish hemispherical or spherical soft or firm tumor. Histopathology study is the gold standard for diagnosis. We report two cases, one with an unusual presentation and another with a pigmented histopathological variety.

Key words: eccrine poroma, pigmented, non-pigmented, prevalence.

>Journals >Dermatología Revista Mexicana >Year 2016, Issue 1

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