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>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Ortodoncia >Year 2017, Issue 2

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Case reports and their contribution to evidence-based orthodontics
Rev Mex Ortodon 2017; 5 (2)

Language: Español
Page: 70
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The clinical case report represents a means of dissemination which is prepared in a simple way and allows us to describe detailed information about the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment alternatives for patients with rare fi ndings in the clinical practice that have not been published and that mention the monitoring and evolution of the treatment or the adverse effects that may arise. This kind of papers represents a fundamental element for the update on: the use of dental materials, treatment philosophies and to learn about the application of scientific and technological developments that can be used in patients who receive orthodontic treatment.

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>Journals >Revista Mexicana de Ortodoncia >Year 2017, Issue 2

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