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Treviño-Becerra A, Treviño García-Manzo N, Mota-Hernández F, Gutiérrez-Samperio C, Cano-Valle F
Fiftieth anniversary of the Medical Movement in Mexico (1964-1965)
Gac Med Mex 2017; 153 (2)

Language: Español
References: 2
Page: 255-272
PDF: 193.67 Kb.

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This Symposium highlights the recognition that this year reaches half a century of the Medical Movement (1964-1965), and 27 years of publishing the book titled, “Documental Memories and Reflections” (“Crónica Documental y Reflexiones”) edited by the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, at that time directed by the prestigious Dr. Fernando Cano Valle. Our President Dr. Graue indicated that Dr. Alejandro Treviño-Becerra assumed the coordination of this session with the commitment to be published in the Medical Gazette of Mexico for current and future generations. The Academic participants were: Norberto Treviño García-Manzo, president of the Academy in 1988. Dr. Felipe Mota Hernández was the Recording Secretary of the Mexican Medical Alliance (“Alianza de Médicos Mexicanos”). Now he is the Dean of the Children’s Hospital of Mexico “Federico Gómez”. Dr. Cesar Gutiérrez Samperio, surgeon at IMSS and professor at Medicine School, University of Queretaro until a year ago. Dr. Fernando Cano Valle, former Head of the Medical Faculty, UNAM, presently a researcher in Medicine and Human Rights in the Institute for Juridical Research, UNAM. I quote the Academic Treviño Zapata: “I believe that it will be difficult to bring again the conditions and circumstances that made possible the vigorous realization of the Medical Movement, the enthusiastic and hopeful creation of the Mexican Medical Alliance, and the promising start and progress of the integration of the national medical union.”

Key words: Alliance, Labor achievements, Retaliations.


  1. Treviño Zapata N. El Movimiento Médico en México 1964-1965. Crónica documental y reflexiones. México, D.F.: UNAM, Facultad de Medicina; 1989. Apéndice No. 53.

  2. Carmona Tinoco U, coordinador. La vinculación entre los derechos humanos y los derechos universitarios. Obra en homenaje al Dr. Jorge Carpizo Mac Gregor. p. 183.

>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2017, Issue 2

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