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>Journals >TIP Revista Especializada en Ciencias Químico-Biológicas >Year 2018, Issue 1

Cortés Téllez AA, Sánchez-Fortún RS, Bartolomé CMC
Resistance mechanisms to toxic metals (Cd) under abiotic variations in microalgae
TIP Rev Esp Cienc Quim Biol 2018; 21 (1)

Language: Español
References: 115
Page: 40-52
PDF: 794.62 Kb.

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In aquatic ecosystems, the presence of certain metals (Cu, Zn, and Fe) at trace concentrations are essential for different biological activities. However, other metals such as Cd and Pb considered toxic at very low concentrations and do not participate as micronutrients. These metals interact with essential components through ionic and covalent bonds inducing oxidative stress, replacement of essential cations, etc. Likewise, these metals have the capacity to accumulate and biomagnified along the trophic chain, promoting high sensitivity in most aquatic organisms, while others, such as microalgae have developed a variety of detoxification strategies to minimize the toxic effects of metals through the induction of adaptation mechanisms, and resistance that allow them to survive in these extreme environments. Therefore, it is essential to know the range of resistance mechanisms that these organisms present to the exposure of different toxic metals present in the aquatic ecosystem. Thus, the aim of this review is to identify and describe the main molecular mechanisms currently described in green microalgae involved in the toxic metals resistance in specific relation with cadmium; to report the influence that different environmental factors have on this response and episodes of co-resistance to other toxic metals.

Key words: cadmium, environmental factors, metallic interaction, green microalgae, metal resistance.

>Journals >TIP Revista Especializada en Ciencias Químico-Biológicas >Year 2018, Issue 1

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