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>Journals >Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas >Year 2017, Issue 4

Collazo RMI, Calero RJL, Ramos ER, Toledo VHJ, Morón PD, Pariente HTG, Valdés BR
Meaning of aging from the perspective of the elderly
Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas 2017; 16 (4)

Language: Espańol
References: 24
Page: 657-665
PDF: 478.00 Kb.

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Introduction: Aging is a natural and integral part of life, and although all persons aim to be members of this process, different representations merge into it, whether the preceptors are different. Objective: To understand the meaning that a group of elderly people give to the process of aging. Material and methods: Qualitative research conducted in six focus groups, in people aged 60 years or older, from both sexes, and residents in the area of "Ana Betancourt" Polyclinic in Playa Municipality. Results: The participants expressed that aging is not necessarily considered to be a synonym of suffering. From their perspectives, aging gives them the possibility to reorganize their lives daily, and beside this, to enjoy their family, their free time, and although suffering from some diseases which can be controlled, to feel well. Conclusions: Even though the testimonies of the participants (elderly women and men) could be different in the meaning that they give to aging, such change is argued on the fact that aging is a complex process that differs from person to person, and is also influenced by all the factors that exist in their daily lives, being the economic and the affective ones the most relevant.

Key words: aging, perception, old age, qualitative methodology.

>Journals >Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas >Year 2017, Issue 4

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