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Gálvez-Rosas A, Serrano-Miranda AT, Ridaura-Valencia C, Mundo-Fernández EE, Barojas-Weber E
Asociación de los factores de riesgo con glaucoma primario de ángulo abierto en mayores de 40 años
Gac Med Mex 2018; 154 (1)

Language: Español
References: 41
Page: 42-46
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Objective: To determine the association of systemic diseases, as well as smoking and alcohol with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) in adults over 40 years age. Method: A revision of the records of patients older than 40 years aged who had been diagnosed with glaucoma, which were selected at the outpatient care dept. Information was obtained through the automated hospital information system, which included socio-demographic and clinical variables. Data base was created and was processed by SPSS V20 program. Results: 1,020 patient, 548 (53.7%) with a diagnosis of POAG, mean age of patients 73.2 ± 11.16 years, of which 193 (35.2%) were male and 355 (64.8%) female. A significant relationship was found between POAG and increasing age (p = 0.000), diabetes mellitus (p = 0.056) and hypertension (p = 0.098). While no relationship was found between POAG and cancer, smoking and alcohol intake was found. Conclusions: These results display the need of carrying out more specific studies of causal type to establish best possible partnerships and thus carry out prevention programs for early diagnosis.

Key words: Risk factor, Primary open-angle glaucoma, Epidemiologic study, Adults.


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