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>Journals >Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río >Year 2018, Issue 2

Martínez AD, Guanche MAS, Clavera VTJ, Álvarez RJ
Proposal of an ambulatory clinical history model in dental emergency
Rev Ciencias Médicas 2018; 22 (2)

Language: Español
References: 13
Page: 301-308
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Introduction: Cuban National Health System lacks of a document to collect the results of emergency dental care for patients who come to the dentists on duty or are providing dentistry services outside their health area, as a result it is necessary to set out the procedures that are carried out in that circumstance.
Objective: to propose a model of ambulatory clinical history in dental emergency that describes the procedures applied to each patient.
Methods: a review of the scientific literature was conducted in order to consult academic criteria of Cuban dentists, and the on hand clinical history models, to prepare an ambulatory clinical history in the form of a questionnaire to provide information regarding the assistance of patients who come to the dentist on duty or outside of their health area, it was carried out at Playa Community Teaching Polyclinic, with 18 dentists from Playa municipality.
Results: the emergency ambulatory clinical history model was used in the assistance of 76 patients, with full satisfaction for the professionals who assisted them while on duty. Discussion: the dentists who made use of the ambulatory clinical record stated it is easy to fill and collect all of the elements to provide the follow up of patients needing dentistry care.
Conclusions: with the use of ambulatory clinical records the follow up of patients needing dentistry care and previously treated as an emergency is guaranteed, in addition to, the dentist is well-informed of the procedures applied and the materials used, operative times are saved, consequently a greater quality in the dental care of patients is achieved.

Key words: medical records, ambulatory care, public health, oral medicine, emergency medical system.

>Journals >Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río >Year 2018, Issue 2

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