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Nari G, Mariot D, Góngora-Ortega J, López-Ben S, Albiol M, Figueras J
Short and long-term outcomes of the re-hepatectomies as part of multi-modal treatment of hepatic metastases from colo-rectal origin. Bi-institutional study
Cir Cir 2018; 86 (4)

Language: Español
References: 38
Page: 347-354
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Introduction: A high percentage of patients undergoing hepatectomy for metastatic colorectal liver disease will have a recurrence. Of these, some can be subject to a new resection. The usefulness of repeated hepatectomy remains controversial. The aim of this study is to evaluate the results of short and long-term outcomes in repeated hepatectomies. Methods: They were re-analyzed 68 repeated hepatectomies from two institutions. Demographics, characteristics of metastatic disease and hepatic resections were analyzed. Types of complications, morbidity and mortality were also analyzed as survival and disease-free time. Some of the factors of poor prognosis mentioned in the literature were evaluated. Results: The analysis of short-term data showed no statistically significant differences between patients with first and repeated hepatectomy, except the percentage of postoperative biliary leakage (p = 0.001). The 1-year survival was similar while 3 and 5 years survival showed significant differences (p = 0.024 and 0.004, respectively). The factors of poor prognosis referred in the literature were not representative in this series. Conclusion: The short-term results of repeated hepatectomy are similar to those resected once. Long term result are inferior to other published series.

Key words: Hepatic metastases, Colo-rectal, Repeated hepatectomy, Survival, Prognostic factors.


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