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Gallegos-Hernández JF
Lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy in squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck mucosa
Cir Cir 2006; 74 (3)

Language: Español
References: 23
Page: 167-173
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Background: Lymphatic mapping with sentinel node biopsy (LMSNB) is a staging alternative in melanoma and breast cancer. In oral cavity cancer (OCC) without palpable nodes, the recommended surgical treatment is elective-selective neck dissection; nevertheless, 70% will not show metastasis. LMSNB might be a staging alternative. Our objective was to determine if this technique allows the identification of sentinel node.
Methods: Characteristics were T1–2, N0, OCC patients ›4 mm of tumor thickness. We injected 3 mCi of rhenium and 2 ml of blue dye around the tumor and performed a lymphogammagraphy. Sentinel node (SN) was identified by color and radioactivity, and all patients were submitted to suprahyoid dissection. Index of success, false negative, and negative predictive values were calculated.
Results: Of 41 patients, there were 20 females and 21 males. Lymphogammagraphy showed a SN in each patient. SN was identified in all patients during surgery: in 10 patients the SN was “hot”(24%) and in 31 (75%) “hot and blue”; 13/41 (31.7%) showed metastasis, 4 had negative SN (false negative); in 3/13 metastatic SN. Diagnosis was made by definite analysis. All patients with false negative had tumors ›2 cm.
Conclusions: LMSNB in oral cavity cancer has a high index of success and radical neck dissection could be avoided in 80% of patients with T1-2 tumors.

Key words: Sentinel node, oral cavity, tongue cancer.


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