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Galimberti G, Ferrario D, Galimberti D, Galimberti RL, Giusti C, Rodr璲uez CF
Excimer excilite. Advances in the use of 308 nm. monochromatic light in Dermatology
Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2006; 34 (3)

Language: Espa隳l
References: 33
Page: 99-108
PDF: 547.54 Kb.

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The advance in the therapeutic for some chronic dermatosis disease, lead to target new areas of action at molecular levels with the less damage on normal skin. The selective irradiation to the affected skin with 308-nm. UVB light to produce a local immunomodulator effect, decrease the T cells number in epidermic and dermic level. As UVB narrow-band, this delivery system is usefulla for the treatment of some localized chronic dermatosis such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczemas, alopecia areata, skin lymphoma (mycosis fungoide, stage 1A), liquen and so on. The 308-nm. laser/lamp offers some advances over current therapy modalities in the treatment of localized dermatosis: they can treat exclusively afectted skin, with less risk for the uninvolved surrounding skin, higher dose-increase schemes, leading to faster healing and reduced cumulative dosis. We present the 308-nm. monochromatic light excimer excilite and its indications in dermathology.

Key words: excimer, MEL 308 nm., chronic dermatitis.


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