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Gálvez-Hernández C, Emory FM, Villegas-Cabello O, Díaz-Elizondo J, Treviño JM, Salazar-López D
Colectomía subtotal laparoscópica. Resultados en el Texas Endosurgery Institute
Cir Cir 2007; 75 (6)

Language: Español
References: 31
Page: 443-448
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Background: Laparoscopy is currently and progressively gaining acceptance for the management of colorectal disease. More bleeding and longer operating time were initially considered as contraindications to perform laparoscopic colon resections. Other obstacles were technical difficulties, the learning curve and the need for specialized instruments; however, improvements in surgical techniques and technological developments have allowed subtotal laparoscopic colectomy to be feasible.
Methods: This was a retrospective and descriptive study conducted from April 1992 to July 2006. Forty four patients underwent laparoscopic subtotal colectomy at Texas Endosurgery Institute in San Antonio, TX. Measured variables to evaluate efficacy and safety were operating time, length of hospital stay, time to resume normal diet, conversion to open procedure, morbidity and mortality.
Results: Cancer, familial adenomatous polyposis and ulcerative colitis were the main surgical indications. The procedure was technically successful in 88% of patients. There were five conversions (11.3 %). Mean operating time was 210 min. Morbidity and mortality rates were 29 % and 2.2 %, respectively. Mean length of hospital stay and time to resume normal diet were 11 and 4 days, respectively.
Conclusions: Laparoscopic subtotal colectomy in our institute may be considered as an effective and safe method in the management of colorectal disease.

Key words: Subtotal colectomy, laparoscopy colectomy.


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