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Alpízar-Aguirre A, Zárate-Kalfópulos B, Rosales-Olivares LM, Baena-Ocampo LC, Reyes-Sánchez AA
Vertebral hemangioma of the posterior arch with subsequent extraosseous extension and neurological symptoms. Case report and literature review
Cir Cir 2009; 77 (2)

Language: Español
References: 28
Page: 127-130
PDF: 146.46 Kb.

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Background: Vertebral hemangioma is the most common benign spinal tumor and is found in 11% of postmortem studies as a slow-growing benign vascular malformation. It usually involves the vertebral body and sometimes the posterior vertebral elements. When the posterior elements are involved, spinal cord compression with neurological symptoms are seen more often. Vertebral hemangiomas exist as a continuum of manifestations and lesions ranging from the common asymptomatic forms to the rare compression lesion. Extraosseous extension of vertebral hemangioma with cord compression and neurological symptoms is a rare condition and represents a treatment challenge. Surgical options are open resection, embolization or vertebroplasty.
Clinical case: We report a case of a vertebral hemangioma with extraosseous extension to the spinal canal with an unusual size and osseous component in the posterior elements. This tumor caused neurological manifestations and was surgically treated with posterior decompression and stabilization with transpedicular screws and rods. Clinical outcome was good.
Conclusions: Vertebral hemangioma is normally an asymptomatic benign lesion not requiring specific treatment. Only in a few cases is surgical treatment required. When neurological compromise is present, early treatment should be carried out before the presence of permanent paralysis.

Key words: Hemangioma, spine tumor, vertebroplasty.


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