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Careaga-Reyna G
Cardiothoracic surgery in perspective. An analysis required by other specialties?
Cir Cir 2011; 79 (1)

Language: Español
References: 20
Page: 100-104
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Cardiothoracic surgery is one of the younger surgical specialties. We present a review of current and future needs for assistance derived of life expectancy and the maincauses of mortality. We also analyze the profile of the cardiothoracic surgeon, duration of professional life, and how knowledge is transmitted. We present a proposal for the ideal characteristics of the future cardiothoracic surgeon. Life expectancy for the Mexican population is 75.7 years. Among the main causes of mortality is ischemic heart disease. In males, neoplasm of the airway and lung causes 16.8% of deaths related to malignant tumors. A cardiothoracic surgeon requires 2 years of general surgical training and 4 years of cardiothoracic surgical training. The mean age of the cardiothoracic surgeons is 49.3 ± 10.1 years, and the mean length of time of professional activity is 16.7 ± 12.5 years. In actuality, 220 surgeons are board certified. The use of medical journals for publications is limited. We now have new surgical options and an increase in the number and complexity of patients is expected. An analysis of the actual social conditions and the profile and number of cardiothoracic surgeons is required for the short-term demand of care in our specialty.

Key words: Cardiothoracic surgery, surgeon profile, board certification, cardiothoracic surgery training.


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