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Ramos-Zúñiga R, Casillas-Espinosa PM, Sánchez-Prieto JA, Encarnación-Ibarra O, López-Hernández MS
Long-term follow-up and pregnancy in a patient with neurenteric cyst. Case report
Cir Cir 2011; 79 (4)

Language: Español
References: 24
Page: 361-365
PDF: 288.02 Kb.

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Background: Neurenteric cysts (NC) are rare congenital anomalies. Cysts are secretory with an epithelial lining and features that resemble those of gastrointestinal and/or respiratory mucosa. They originate embryologically and result from an incomplete separation of the neurenteric canal from the foregut.
Clinical case: We describe the 21-year follow-up of a female patient with a history of partial control of urinary and anal sphincters. The patient had a 6-month course of pain associated with saddle hypoesthesia, limited gait, chronic constipation, plus inferior paresthesia of the limbs. These features, along with the MRI findings, were compatible with the diagnosis of neurenteric cyst. The patient underwent two surgical procedures. We used a nonradical approach because of the connection of the cyst with the rectum and nerves in the deep plane. At age 22, she became pregnant and, after an uneventful gestation, gave birth to a healthy newborn.
Discussion: The selection of surgical strategy is oriented to mass effect resolution. In accordance with the literature, evaluation of the best choice for each patient is mandatory to obtain a balance of the risk and the potential functional preservation. This report demonstrates the importance of sensory and motor function preservation instead of using aggressive treatment.
Conclusion: Our goal in each procedure was symptom alleviation, reduction of cyst size, clearance of the mass effect, and an attempt to resect the cyst capsule as much as possible without compromising quality of life and neurological functions.

Key words: Neurenteric cyst, pregnancy.


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