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Linares-González LM, Rico-Martínez G, Zamudio-Villanueva L
Simple bone cysts of the calcaneus and its treatment with autologous bone marrow
Cir Cir 2002; 70 (2)

Language: Español
References: 39
Page: 109-115
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We present a study of eight simple bone cysts of the calcaneus. Because simple bone cyst of the calcaneus is rare, this study is very important because it presents a non-aggressive, non-invasive treatment that consists of use of autologous bone marrow, which possesses osteogenic precursor cells for neoformation of bone. The present work shows clinically and radiologically a serie of bone cysts located in neck or anterior calcaneal portion. These eight lesions have been studied and treated during the last 5 years with the same method. We reviewed the literature and observed good results without complications.

Key words: , Calcaneus, Bone cyst, Graft autologous, Bone marrow, Neoformation.


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