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Álvarez-Castelló R
Evolution of experimental acute pancreatitis in Wistar rats that underwent vagotomy
Cir Cir 2002; 70 (4)

Language: Español
References: 32
Page: 267-274
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Objective: To determine the effect of vagotomy in early stages of experimental acute pancreatitis induced by occlusion of pancreatic duct in Wistar rats. Material and methods: Experimental, prospective, longitudinal and comparative study. Wistar rats with 307 ± 21 g average weight were used. These were divided in two groups of five rats each. All rats underwent occlusion of pancreatic duct. Not other procedure was performed on the control group. The experimental group also underwent vagotomy. Measurements of seric amylase were taken prior to occlusion of pancreatic duct, and two and 4 hours later. All rats were sacrificed and submitted to excision of pancreas for histopatologic study. Results: Both groups had similar basal levels of amylase. Two after the occlusion of pancreatic duct, controls presented a 522 U/L average increase compared with 138 U/L average increase in experimental group. After 4 h, the increase was 1,149 U/L in the control group against 534 U/L in the experimental group. Final histopathologic score of severity was 3.1 for control group and 2.3 for experimental group. Both groups presented edema, more severe in control group; however, fat necrosis and hemorrhage were present only in control group in one rat. All differences between groups were statistically significant. Use of vagotomy improves the course of experimental acute pancreatitis in early stages in Wistar rats.

Key words: , Acute pancreatitis, Vagotomy, Amylase, Pancreatic duct.


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