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Cases-Baldó MJ, García-Marín JA, Aguayo-Albasini JL, Pellicer-Franco E, Soria-Aledo V, Pérez-Cuadrado E
Colorectal Stents: efficacy and complications in our center
Cir Cir 2012; 80 (6)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 523-527
PDF: 212.24 Kb.

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Background: in emergency surgery, colorectal mortality is very high compared with elective surgery. An alternative is placement of endoscopic stents to correct the bowel obstruction and then allow elective surgery. Moreover, it is possible to use stents in the palliative treatment of patients at high surgical risk or with unresecable tumors.
The aim of this study is to evaluate the rates of technical and clinical success and complications colorectal stents placement over the past 5 years.
Methods: retrospective study of 33 patients in which stents were placed since 2006 to 2011. Variables were analyzed: 1) the indication (palliation or "bridge to surgery"), 2) rates of technical success and clinical success, and 3) complications (perforation, migration, bleeding, and reocclusion).
Results: in 24 patients the prosthesis was placed as a palliative treatment (72.7%) and in 9 cases as a "bridge to surgery". The technical success rate was 87.87% and 82.14% clinical success. There were five cases of bowel perforation with high pneumoperitoneum and a case of microperforation (18.1%). 5 patients had reocclusion (17.2%); there were 3 and 4 bleeding and migration. Three patients died within 24 hours after endoscopic treatment. In 9 cases of "bridge to surgery," Technical success was 100% and 77% clinical. One patient required emergency surgery due to migration of the prosthesis and reocclusion and other colonic perforation.
Conclusions: endoscopic treatment is a good option as a transitional step to elective surgery or palliative treatment. But serious complications such as perforation or reocclusion should be considered.

Key words: colorectal stents, colorectal cancer, bowel obstruction, endoscopic treatment.


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