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Morales-Ávalos R, Leyva-Villegas JI, Vílchez-Cavazos F, Martínez-Ponce de León ÁR, Elizondo-Omaña RE, Guzmán-López S
Morphometric characteristics of the sacrum in Mexican population. Its importance in lumbosacral fusion and fixation procedures
Cir Cir 2012; 80 (6)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 528-535
PDF: 276.54 Kb.

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Background: the morphology and the morphometric characteristics of the sacral and its components determine the size of pedicle implants in both width and length and the orientation of the screw at the time of implantation, the present study aimed to determine the morphometric characteristics of the sacrum in the Mexican population in order to establish safe approaches for the placement and orientation of the screws during lumbosacral instrumentation.
Methods: morphometric characteristics were determinade for 50 dry sacra distributed in forty-four measurement parameters (39 linear and 5 angular) divided in five categories: 1) anterior and posterior sacral foramina; 2) S1 vertebral pedicle and intermediate sacral crest; 3) vertebral bodies and the general parameters of the sacrum; 4) S1 superior articular process facet and sacral canal, and 5) S1 pedicle approaches.
Results: the S1 pedicle average length was 25.00 mm ± 2.41, the S1 pedicle anterior and posterior average height was 20.68 mm ± 3.40 and 24.64 mm ± 3.77 respectively, the sacral canal dimensions on its superior opening were 15.13 mm ± 2.40 in the sagital diameter and 31.07 mm ± 2.65 for the transverse diameter, in S1 the anteriomedial screw trajectory average distance was 50.08 mm ± 3.72 with an average angle of 34.30° ±4.1 from the screw entry point.
Conclusion: the results from this study are important for the correct screw placement and position in lumbosacral instrumentation, and also for other procedures that involves the sacral region as surgical and diagnostic target.

Key words: sacrum, pedicle, morphometry, transpedicular screws.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2012, Issue 6

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