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Carrillo-Esper R, Sosa-García JO, Carrillo-Córdova JR, Leyva-Mondragón C
Syndrome of abdominal compartment in trauma
Cir Cir 2012; 80 (6)

Language: Español
References: 30
Page: 550-555
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Background: the intra-abdominal hypertension is defined as an increase in intra-abdominal pressure more or equal as ≥ 12 mmHg and it is called as abdominal compartment syndrome when associates with any organ dysfunction. Its development in the patient with multiple trauma is the result of the mechanism of injury, aggressive resuscitation and/or surgical treatment. The goal of this investigation is to describe the monitoring and all decisions made to take based on the measurement of intra-abdominal pressure in a patient with multiple injuries that developed abdominal compartment syndrome.
Clinical case: 21 years old male with multiple trauma who underwent damage control surgery with splenectomy, repair of liver injury and packaging. intra-abdominal pressure monitoring showed progressive increase that was associated with cardiopulmonary dysfunction resistant to medical treatment so decided to unpack which reduced the intra-abdominal pressure and improved cardiopulmonary fitness.
Conclusions: intra-abdominal hypertension/abdominal compartment syndrome significantly increases morbidity and mortality therefore the measurement of intra-abdominal pressure is a fundamental tool for early detection and timely management of this condition and its complications.

Key words: intra-abdominal pressure, intra-abdominal hypertension, abdominal compartment syndrome, trauma.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2012, Issue 6

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