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Citores-Pascual MÁ, Tinoco-Carrasco C, Arenal-Vera JJ, Benito- Fernández C, Torres-Nieto MÁ, Zamora-Martínez T
Low grade fibromixoid sarcoma: a purpose of 3 cases and review of the bibliography
Cir Cir 2013; 81 (4)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 333-339
PDF: 470.46 Kb.

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Background: Low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma or tumor Evans is a variety of soft tissue sarcoma that represents 1% of all malignancies. More common in limbs and trunk (50%), we present 3 new cases of retroperitoneal reviewing their characteristics and performing a literature review.
Clinical case: In the retroperitoneal location highlights the poor specificity of clinical symptoms, demonstrating, according to their growth and size, as an abdominal tumor, usually painless, or by compression and / or invasion of nearby structures. In cases that present the most important finding was the presence of a palpable abdominal tumor without other symptoms despite remarkable infiltrate other organs that should be included in surgical resection.
Conclusions: We emphasize the difficulty of correct diagnosis preoperatively because preoperative studies are inconclusive and only the histological and immuno-histo-typing chemistry allow precise identification.

Key words: Low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, retroperitoneal tumor.


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